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Make your offer of courses clear and simple and add the invaluable option of instant booking.

Online booking

Appointment reminders

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CRM system

Enable your clients to book your courses online at any time. That way they will be able to book as soon as they see the need. Bookio. booking system will also remind them about the course so they don't forget to come. The course can be paid for in advance , so you have a guarantee of getting paid for your services right from the start. For new courses, you can easily contact your previous attendees and make them your loyal customers.

Important features for language courses

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Key values for language courses

Online bookings

Bookio enables your clients to book online 24/7 from your website, Facebook, Google and other channels.

Increases sales

More than 65% of customers prefer online booking to telephone booking. Up to 35% of clients book outside opening hours.

Detailed data analytics

You have an overview of the utilization of services, days or employees. You know where your customers are coming from and which employee they are most satisfied with.

Outstanding customer support

You can easily set up Bookio yourself in 5 minutes and our friendly customer support team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Guarantees and credibility

1-month free trial, 20 years of experience + great testimonials. We guarantee GDPR compliance.

Automatic booking confirmation

A confirmation email is sent automatically immediately after booking. The customer has instant feedback and they can be sure that the date of their appointment has been saved.

Testimonials from our clients in the industry language courses

Tatiana Horváthová

Tatiana Horváthová

Sekcia inovácií, strategických investícií a analýz (HUB)

The online booking engine BOOKIO greatlyhelped our project team with implementing the project from the Recovery and Resilience Facility of the Slovak Republic which was aimed at training seniors in digital skills. We could provide seniors with information about the dates and locations of their courses. Thanks to the SMS gateway and email notifications offered by the system, we were able to get in touch with many seniors in Slovakia and at regular intervals remind them about the upcoming events. At the same time, we appreciate the high professionalism of the entire team as well as the setup and design of the system. BOOKIO booking system offers easy-to-use bookings and a number of options for creating courses with as much detail and information as possible for clients. The added value was also the actual collaboration with the BOOKIO team, who were always very helpful and willing to listen to every request on how to improve or adapt the system to our needs. We rate BOOKIO as a highly useful and professional booking system suitable for everyone.

Tatiana Horváthová

Sekcia inovácií, strategických investícií a analýz (HUB)

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