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Popular places in the teahouse need a prestigious reservation. Add your teahouse to businesses with online booking and increase awareness of your business.

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Make booking easy for your customers and allow them to book their place at any time with just a few clicks. Customers are enthusiastic about online booking. They can look forward to their favorite place and you will have an overview of how busy your business is. Use your tables effectively and switch to a modern online solution. With Bookio, you get both statistics and feedback, thanks to which you can constantly move forward . You have an interesting offer that you want to promote - also use the functionality - sale of online gift vouchers.

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Online reservations

Bookio will allow your clients to book online 24 hours / 7 days a week from your website, Facebook, Google and other channels.

Save time

Online reservations save more than 40% of time. Employees work and do not run to the phone, customers choose a free date themselves.

Detailed statistics

You have an overview of the utilization of services, days or employees. You know where your customers are from and which employee they are most satisfied with.

Caring customer support

You can easily set up Bookio yourself in 5 minutes, and our friendly customer support will be happy to help you with any questions.

Guarantees and reliability

Possibility to try it for free for 1 month, we have 20 years of experience + strong references, we guarantee compliance with GDPR.

Quick overview of free dates

When booking, the customer sees only those times that are currently free. The reservation is automatically confirmed immediately and the customer does not have to wait for an additional response

References from our clients from the segment teahouses

Pavel Jiroušek

Pavel Jiroušek

šampanerista v Champagneria

We are satisfied with the choice of Bookio, its deployment simplified and made our operation more efficient . The system is already mature and stable . The web interface is intuitive and easy to use from phones and tablets at the bar and thus enables our employees to work with reservations dynamically and in real time with a minimum of additional communication about reservations "outside the system". Our customers appreciate and increasingly use the reservation form on the web , which immediately informs them of the current free capacity . As a result, many phone calls to our reservation number were dropped. The support from Bookio is very good , the response to several of our suggestions to improve the system was always quick and helpful.

Pavel Jiroušek

šampanerista v Champagneria

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