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Every popular pub needs to work effectively with table occupancy and the reservation process. In the beer hall, every minute counts, so the reservation system in the restaurant must be fast, clear, error-free and tuned for the fast work of waiters in the field. Bookio collected all the specific requirements from the most popular breweries and developed a reservation system that is easy to implement and clear for both customers and staff. Thanks to statistics, ratings and a database of customers, every brewery can become a top gastroenterprise.

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Save time

Online reservations save more than 40% of time. Employees work and do not run to the phone, customers choose a free date themselves.

It will increase sales

More than 65% of customers prefer an online reservation to a telephone one. Up to 35% of clients book outside opening hours.

Simply, quickly, flexibly

You can quickly adjust the design of the online form yourself so that it matches the color of your website, 8 language versions, PC, tablet and mobile.

Caring customer support

You can easily set up Bookio yourself in 5 minutes, and our friendly customer support will be happy to help you with any questions.

SMS and email reminders

Bookio will automatically send you booking confirmations, customer satisfaction ratings as well as SMS/email reminders.

Guarantees and reliability

Possibility to try it for free for 1 month, we have 20 years of experience + strong references, we guarantee compliance with GDPR.

References from our clients from the segment breweries

Mikuláš Nagy

Mikuláš Nagy

Manažér Fabrika the Beer Pub

We can't imagine running our restaurant without Bookio. It's easy for both our customers and us. In Bookio, we store the entire history of visits, feedback from customers, statistics and much more, thanks to which we do not have to process and store this data. Bookio also makes our work easier and more efficient.

Milan Veselý

Milan Veselý

spolumajiteľ Plzenská Žiar nad Hronom

Using Bookio. it brought us insight into reservations as well as simplified the work of waiters in the district. In the e-book, they can see the reservations clearly in one place, and they don't have to pick up the phone instead of customer service. I appreciate that I can look at the reservations on my phone at home , and also write them down when someone calls me directly.

Mikuláš Nagy

Manažér Fabrika the Beer Pub

Milan Veselý

spolumajiteľ Plzenská Žiar nad Hronom

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