Google / iPhone Calendar

Booking engine feature:

Google / iPhone Calendar

Booking directly in the customer's diary

The customer saves the reservation in their calendar

The address of the device is also saved

The customer doesn't forget about the booking or the address

About the feature - Google / iPhone Calendar

When the customer books a service, in the last step, the address on the map is displayed to them, as well as the option to save the booking in their calendar. The customer simply adds it to their other bookings in their calendar so they don’t forget about the booking.

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MAZREKU medical
Barber Club
Dish Burgers
Beauty Lounge Studio
Jamie Oliver´s Diner
MUDr. Ján Sojak, PhD.

MUDr. Ján Sojak, PhD.

RHINO ORL ambulancia Bratislava

Kristína Jurčová

Kristína Jurčová

pmu artist, kozmetológ

Maroš Hitka

Maroš Hitka

majiteľ masážneho salónu ZDRAVÉ MASÁŽE

Pavel Jiroušek

Pavel Jiroušek

šampanerista v Champagneria

Since we have been using Bookio in our clinics, we are not disturbed by phone calls during patient examinations. We can pay our full attention to our patients, while other patients have the opportunity to find the date that suits them andself-book an appointment even from the comfort of their own home.

“Konečne máme bookio"
Dlho sme váhali, rozhodli sme sa vyskúšať a veru sme si nemohli vybrať lepšie. Prvé dni to bola zvykačka, ale teraz dokonalosť. Pre klientky nie je nič lepšie ako systém, v ktorom si prehľadne vyberú deň a čas, ktorý im pasuje, a ja mám miesto dvoch diárov, jeden kalendár a vo všetkom prehľad. Okrem toho pri úvodných malých bojoch so systémom, keď niečo nefungovalo, alebo sme sa nevedeli zorientovať má bookio skvelý tím ľudí, Martina mi vždy bola nápomocná a spolu s kolegovcami vyriešili všetko, aj nemožné. Vďaka bookio za uľahčenie  a zjednodušenie pracovného chaosu.” :-)

Bookio is not just an ordinary reservation system. It is a versatile management tool that has helped us grow almost since our inception. In the meantime, we have opened new branches , expanded the range of services and are increasing their quality. It contains the functionalities of an advanced CMS system , thanks to which we can continuously measure the satisfaction and return of clients and the profitability of our operations. We already consider Bookio a part of our team: she is our virtual receptionist, but she can do much, much more.

We are happy that we have chosen Bookio, the implementation of its system has simplified and streamlined our operations. It’s an advanced and stable system. The web interface is intuitive and easy to use even from phones and tablets at the bar, allowing our staff to work with reservations dynamically and in real time with minimal additional communication about bookings "outside the system". Our customers appreciate and use more and more the booking form on the website, which immediately informs them of the current availability. This has eliminated many phone calls. The support from Bookio is very good, the response to our several suggestions to improve the system has always been quick and helpful.

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