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Organize and simplify your bookings with Bookio. Our system brings order to your business.

Simple scheduling calendar

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Appointment reminder

SMS invitations

Organize and simplify your bookings and best utilize your work time. Bookio. will help you make better use of the available slots, , remind customers about their appointments, and can automatically invite them for a follow-up visit when they don't show up for a while. Customer information is stored for you and you will no longer throw it away with your paper reservation book. That way you can continue working with your customers.

Important features for car washes

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Saves time

Online bookings save more than 40% of your time. Employees can focus on work and don't have to take to the phone all the time. Customers pick a date and one of your available time slots and self-book.

Outstanding customer support

You can easily set up Bookio yourself in 5 minutes and our friendly customer support team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Guarantees and credibility

1-month free trial, 20 years of experience + great testimonials. We guarantee GDPR compliance.

Online availability

You can use Bookio anywhere. It is available on the Internet and does not require installation

Quick overview of available dates

When booking, the customer can only see the times that are currently available. The reservation is thus automatically confirmed immediately and the customer does not have to wait for an additional confirmation from the service provider.

Efficient use of time

Bookio. algorithms analyze the most efficient utilization for each booking. Bookio eliminates staff downtime and schedules work slots.

Testimonials from our clients in the industry car washes

Rastislav Jakubička

Rastislav Jakubička

MAJITEĽ Auto Arena

Bookio really saves our time, which surprised me. I didn't expect it at all. It has made our booking process simpler and more organized and avoided confusion and misunderstandings (e.g. we used to have unfortunate double bookings). Thanks to a greater overview, we can now manage more appointments. In addition, thanks to SMS reminders, clients do not forget to come and our business does not lose money.

Attila Danter

Attila Danter

majiteľ STK a KO v 5 mestách na SVK

Thanks to Bookio, we have a perfect overview of the utilization of our employees. We even applied motivational bonuses to it, which has significantly increased not only the efficiency of their work but also the motivation to maintain a high standard of service, which has been much appreciated by our customers.

Rastislav Jakubička

MAJITEĽ Auto Arena

Attila Danter

majiteľ STK a KO v 5 mestách na SVK

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