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Special events

No more empty tables

Easily create special events with paid booking

A chance reduce idle time in your business

Validity of the voucher will be checked on arrival by the waiter using the system

About the feature - Special events

This feature enables you to create a special booking form for various events in your company, such as tasting menu experience or the presentation of a new menu. Through this booking form, guests can not only book a table (for a specific date and time) but also pay in advance. In the Bookio. manager‘s profile you can easily create an event. The booking form for the event can be published on your website, on Facebook, or in the newsletter. Reservations for the event marked as EVENT are stored directly in the Bookio reservation book. The reservation book also collects valuable data about the guests, who will come to the event.

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Mauro Simon
Bukowski bar
Dobrý kouč
Barber Club
Cafe Imperial
Lenka Krajčovičová

Lenka Krajčovičová

IEM SPA manažér

Mgr. Martin Chudý

Mgr. Martin Chudý

CEO Chirkoz medical clinic

Zuzana Madarasova-Keszocze

Zuzana Madarasova-Keszocze


Juraj Michalových

Juraj Michalových

Manažér Au café

Bookio reservation system met all our expectations.We have been using it in our clinic for 4 years and its simplicity and user-friendliness can’t be praised highly enough. It is used daily by 5-8 of our therapists at the same time and makes it easier for them to see their appointments. Each client has their own online card, where we can see what procedures they have already had and what else we can recommend in terms of procedures and treatments.A big advantage is that we can see in real time who and when made the reservation, and who canceled it and when. Bookio is also a great benefit for our clients who like to manage their activities (bookings and dates) themselves through the online environment.

After working hours, we sometimes had up to 15 missed calls a day. They were all customers who wanted to make an appointment. Unfortunately, when we called them back the next morning, most of them had already booked an appointment with one of our competitors. Since we started using Bookio we have been getting more bookings even after working hours and that is what we needed.

Our Slovak Fort Boyard has been open for almost 2 years. In the beginning we had tried different booking systems, online reservations which would be functional for us and easy to make for our clients, but to no avail. From our point of view Bookio is currently the most effective booking system on the market. Clients have the option to book online. They will not forget about the appointment as the system sends automatic reminders. We have a great view of reservations, data analytics and other useful outputs. We are pleased that Bookio gives us room for dialogueand is willing to make improvements according to our needs.

Au Cafe was the first restaurant in the Roman Restaurants chain to test BookioPro. We immediately liked it and recommended it not only to our colleagues in the Roman Restaurants network, but also to fellow managers from other establishments.

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