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Sports and Fitness

The most comprehensive reservation system for all types of sports facilities.

Rental of premises and machines

Group and individual reservations

Paid reservations

Group dates, individual trainings, rental of tracks, courts, machines, staff assignment, optimized pricing. The Bookio reservation system has all the necessary functionalities for the sports industry , so it is used by swimming pools, tennis courts, group exercises, gyms, individual special equipment and equipment, dance clubs, bowling alleys, bicycle, car, ski rental, shooting ranges and many other industries.

Important functions for sports and fitness

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Key values for sports and Fitness

It will increase sales

More than 65% of customers prefer an online reservation to a telephone one. Up to 35% of clients book outside opening hours.

Detailed statistics

You have an overview of the utilization of services, days or employees. You know where your customers are from and which employee they are most satisfied with.

Guarantees and reliability

Possibility to try it for free for 1 month, we have 20 years of experience + strong references, we guarantee compliance with GDPR.

Online availability

You can use Bookio anywhere. It is available online on the Internet and does not require installation

Quick overview of free dates

When booking, the customer sees only those times that are currently free. The reservation is automatically confirmed immediately and the customer does not have to wait for an additional response

Clear planner

Modern design and color contrast guarantee overview in reservations. Quick orientation and a clear overview in the planner.

References from our clients from the segment sports and Fitness

Zuzana Madarasova-Keszocze

Zuzana Madarasova-Keszocze


Our Slovak fortress Boyard has been open for almost 2 years . At the beginning, we tried different ordering systems, online reservations, which would be clear and mainly functional for us and easy for clients, but we were not successful. From our point of view, the bookio reservation system is currently the most efficient on the market. The client has the option of ordering online. He will not forget about the order, as the system sends automatic reminders. We have a great overview of orders , statistics and other necessary outputs. We are pleased that the supplier gives us space for dialogue , the possible possibility of improvements in terms of our needs.

Zuzana Madarasova-Keszocze


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