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The most reliable reservation system for car repair shops, car rental, or rental companies.

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Bookio is a reliable helper for the auto-moto segment. Thanks to fine-tuned functionalities such as the reservation of a specific service for a specific date , history and customer card, the possibility of payment in advance , or automatically reminding the customer of a regular periodic check , Bookio has become popular not only with car repair shops , shops and car dealerships, but also with car washes and demonstration drives.

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Online reservations

Bookio will allow your clients to book online 24 hours / 7 days a week from your website, Facebook, Google and other channels.

It will increase sales

More than 65% of customers prefer an online reservation to a telephone one. Up to 35% of clients book outside opening hours.

SMS and email reminders

Bookio will automatically send you booking confirmations, customer satisfaction ratings as well as SMS/email reminders.

Guarantees and reliability

Possibility to try it for free for 1 month, we have 20 years of experience + strong references, we guarantee compliance with GDPR.

Automatic reservation confirmation

The confirmation email is delivered automatically immediately after the reservation. The customer has immediate feedback and can count on his appointment.

Clear planner

Modern design and color contrast guarantee overview in reservations. Quick orientation and a clear overview in the planner.

References from our clients from the segment auto-moto

Attila Danter

Attila Danter

majiteľ STK a KO v 5 mestách na SVK

Thanks to Bookio, we have a perfect overview of the workload of our employees. We even linked incentive rewards to it, which significantly increased not only the efficiency of their work , but also the motivation to maintain a high standard of service, which was already appreciated by our customers themselves.

Attila Danter

majiteľ STK a KO v 5 mestách na SVK

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